Special Diets

Eating should be a happy, stress-free experience so we do our utmost to help our many customers who either have, or have family members, with food allergies or sensitivities.

Basic Info

We offer a varied menu each month and our on-line menu descriptions and basic ingredient lists can help you identify which items might pose a problem for you. You can either avoid selecting the entrees with “problematic ingredients” or, alternatively, may decide to select those entrees anyways, but choose to omit certain ingredients, and/or make your own ingredient substitutions at home.

As our basic ingredient list may not list all sub-ingredients and allergens, if you have questions or concerns about specific ingredients or menu items, please phone and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

If you are in the area, please drop by (we are here from Tuesday to Friday during the day, and also Wednesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday morning). Feel free to take a look at our set-up and our recipes, read labels, talk about any additional questions or concerns, and decide for yourself whether or not our service works for you.


At SupperWorks, we are not certified "nut free", but we do not use nuts in our recipes. We also do our utmost to eliminate products with “may contain” nut warnings. On the rare occasion that we do use an ingredient (such as coconut or curry paste) that has a “may contain” nut warning, we will “tag” that ingredient on the recipe, and we will have an alternate supply of that ingredient available.



Every month at SupperWorks, we put together a basic ingredient list for each recipe.Our Gluten Expert reviews this list to identify any ingredients that may contain gluten. Then we read labels and contact our suppliers to determine whether or not these ingredients actually contain gluten.

We use this information in our monthly GLUTEN CHECK (we’ll be glad to e-mail you a copy. Just ask!). It shows:

  • The basic ingredient list for each recipe.
  • Notes from our Gluten Experts, either Karine Barlow RD, or Sue Jennet, both from the Canadian Celiac Association.
  • The “Gluten Results” for each recipe (in CAPITAL LETTERS). Some of our recipes are naturally gluten free, for others, we have ingredient substitutions (e.g. gluten-free soy sauce or pasta), and some we’d suggest not trying to alter.

While we have made every effort to ascertain whether or not individual entrees and ingredients contain gluten, our premises, entrees and ingredients are not certified “gluten free.” We strongly encourage customers with food allergies or sensitivities to carefully review the menus and basic ingredient lists on our website.

If you’d like us to have gluten-free ingredient substitutions ready for your session, or if you’d like us to use them in your pick-up or delivery order, please call ahead.

The Final Word

Though we cannot guarantee that there is no risk of cross-contamination, we work with many customers who have various dietary restrictions. We encourage you to drop in to SupperWorks. We'd be happy to give you a tour. This way, you could look at our set-up, check out our recipes, and do some label-reading if you'd like - so you can decide for yourself whether or not SupperWorks is suitable for you and your family.

Contact SupperWorks if you have any questions about special dietary needs:

email: oakville@supperworks.com

phone: 905-827-8433