How it Works

SupperWorks in a nutshell...
How SupperWorks Works

At SupperWorks, we take the work out of supper. We create delicious monthly recipes, do the shopping, the washing, the chopping and the clean up so you can prepare tasty, wholesome meals without the time, without the hassle and without the mess!

At our hands-on, in-store sessions it takes about an hour to prepare 6 freezable family-sized entrées, each serving 4-6 people. Once at SupperWorks, you travel from station to station where all the freshly prepared ingredients, kitchen tools and containers will be ready and waiting for you to assemble your selected recipes. And forget the clean up — we take care of that too!

We also offer time-saving pick-up and delivery services!

Once at home, pop the entrées into the freezer. When you're ready to serve your SupperWorks creations, just thaw and cook according to the directions provided with every meal.

Enjoying delicious, home-cooked meals has never been so easy!

Get Started Now!

just a few simple steps!

Select your meals online or in-store

Choose from a delicious assortment of entrées and sides, or pick one of our specialty packages.


Choose a date for your Session, Pickup, or Delivery

Pick a convenient time to come in and assemble your meals. Want us to assemble your meals for you? Just make it a Pickup! Or choose Delivery and we'll bring your ready-to-freeze meals right to you!


Come in and assemble your meals

We'll take care of the shopping and prep work, and we provide all the containers you'll need. Visit your local SupperWorks and assemble all your meals (or if you want, just pick them up or have them delivered).


Freeze your meals at home

Save your meals in your freezer, or pop a couple in the fridge if you want to enjoy them right away!


Thaw, cook, and enjoy!

The best step! All our meals are designed to be a snap to cook. Just thaw your entrée and sides, follow the included cooking instructions, and have a feast!